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MTOD - A Trusted Vinyl Gloves Supplier

MTOD supplies vinyl gloves worldwide that are utilised across different industries and applications. We provide clear and black vinyl gloves conforming to food safe standards and protection against micro-organisms.

What are Vinyl Gloves?

Made from high-quality synthetic material PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and plasticiser, vinyl gloves are disposable latex-free gloves that do not cause any skin allergies or reactions. Soft and comfortable to wear, vinyl gloves provide standard protection when use under appropriate applications.

Our vinyl gloves are made of non-powdered industrial-grade disposable material, which makes them flexible and easy to use while maintaining a good level of hygiene in a variety of work environments.

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What Type of Vinyl Gloves Do We Offer?

We offer clear and black vinyl gloves conforming to food safe standards and protection against micro-organisms.

Both types of gloves are powder free and widely used in the food industry or beauty industry. All our gloves are disposable, one-time usage and must not be recycled due to hygiene reasons. After use, dispose off the gloves according to local laws and regulations.

Uses & Benefits of Vinyl Gloves

  • Vinyl gloves are latex-free and a good choice for those who suffer from Type I allergy.

  • Safe for use by those with a Type IV allergy being free from chemical accelerators

  • Safe for protection against non-hazardous materials and low-risk chemicals, e.g. detergents & other cleaning agents

  • Provide a looser fit, which aids in quick donning and removal

  • One of the most economical glove options available

Applications of Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are still the most prevalent choice of glove material for a lot of workplaces. Here’s how:


Medical Tasks

Vinyl exam gloves are ideal to use in the medical industry for protecting hands while performing basic medical exams and dental check-ups.


Food Prep & Handling

Their looser fit makes them great for people working in the food industry allowing them to remove them quickly and easily while keeping cross-contamination to a minimum.



Disposable vinyl gloves are well-suited for low-risk cleaning tasks that don’t involve contact with hazardous chemicals while preventing contamination.


Low-risk Chemicals

Vinyl gloves are widely used in the chemical & oil industries as they are useful in protecting against acid, emulsions, oily substances and other liquids.



The anti-static nature of the vinyl gloves makes them a good fit when working with wires and cords. Also effective in protecting hands against chafing.


Painting & Printing

They make an excellent choice where it is required to safeguard hands from potential discolouration from paints and dyes.

Why Choose MTOD for Vinyl Gloves?

Best Quality Standards

MTOD ensures to maintain high-quality standards during production and packaging delivery processes. We also have vast experience of working with a broad spectrum of local and international clients with a proven track record.

Integrated Supply Chain

MTOD delivers customized product solutions to clients across the globe. The integrated supply chain enables us to deliver large production volumes within a quick turnaround time.

Broad Experience and Technical Expertise

We have a broad experience of working with a number of clients and industries. Our strong technical knowledge and broad industry understanding provide a solid platform for project experience to deliver seamless end consumer products.

Efficient and Flexible Services

MTOD ensures the best route to deliver time-efficient and fully-streamlined production services and solutions. We do not believe in compromising on quality and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Vinyl and Nitrile gloves?

While both vinyl and nitrile gloves are latex-free, vinyl gloves are most economical. Vinyl gloves provide a loose-fitting for easier donning. That being said, vinyl gloves are less durable than nitrile and offer limited protection against chemical or biomedical exposure.

Where are vinyl gloves used?

Vinyl gloves are commonly used for food preparation and low-risk activities such as DIY and general household tasks, which make them excellent disposable gloves for everyday use. They are also used in healthcare settings, sanitary food services or even cleaning.

How to use vinyl gloves effectively?

Wash your hands and put on gloves with dry hands. Check the vinyl glove for punctures or tears before you put them on. It is important to wear the right size. Wash your hands between glove changes. Don’t wash or reuse them. Replace your vinyl gloves if they look like they’re starting to wear out.

Are vinyl gloves good for protection?

Vinyl examination gloves work fine for low-risk tasks where gloves are required for short periods. These gloves provide standard protection when handling most low-resistance chemicals, protecting against contamination from bodily fluids as well as during medical tasks. They are best avoided during the use of hazardous materials.

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