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Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are built with strong paperboard material with the external layer either overlaid with leather, embellished, and printed papers or fabric wraps. Rigid box packaging offers a perfect blend of product protection and a sense of perceived luxury.

Available in a variety of structural formats, rigid boxes are eye-catching and showcase a striking presence with a choice of overlays - graphical, fabric, foiled, and printed or texturized paper. With the added visual appeal, our rigid gift boxes spell unmatched elegance and quality.

A rigid storage box is ideal to store and gift electronics, perfumes, watches, and jewellery. It is often retained by customers as storage boxes after original purchase, thus aiding extended brand and product recognition. Most of our rigid boxes come with removable lids or may even have embedded magnets, making them easier to use and reseal compared to the other packaging boxes.

The assembling cost of rigid boxes is also low compared to the folding cartons. While the folding cartons require assembly before the product packaging, the rigid gift boxes are ready-made and usually remain erect. With low production costs, these custom rigid boxes are a safe and ideal choice for short-run orders.

High-Quality Custom Rigid Boxes from MTOD

Our high-quality custom rigid boxes convey an aura of luxury and elegance with their excellent structural integrity and high-quality materials.  These boxes serve as a perfect partner to accessorize your modern-day lifestyle and can be used to package small, high-end gift items for your professional/personal circles. These custom rigid boxes can double up as perfect enclosures to store your precious and expensive items over a long period.

If you are looking for tailored luxury packaging boxes for promotional items, we have got you covered!

Insight into our Rigid Boxes Services

MTOD caters to the product packaging needs of a wide array of clients and vendors across a myriad of businesses and industries. Each type of rigid box available can be customized to suit the different occasions, tastes, and customer preferences. Our keepsake-quality rigid boxes are the perfect way to both protect and present the most precious of contents. Your choice of textured, foiled, or embellished overlay is bound to give a matchless unboxing experience. 

MOQ 500pcs


Types of Rigid Boxes offered by MTOD

Rigid Magnetic Closure Box

The MTOD rigid magnetic closure box is a perfect choice to promote your product or send gift items. These are also known as snap-shut boxes. Available in a choice of laminated and matte finish options, the print on the box and its size can however be customized suiting your needs and requirements.

Drawer or Matchbox Style

These boxes are also called slide-open boxes and are shaped like a tray with a sleeve. They are the best fit when used for displaying products in a store window. MTOD uses its technical expertise to design these matchbox-style rigid boxes with contrasting colours and customize the overlays to give an unmatched experience as you slide it open to view the product inside.

Flushed/Exposed Neck Rigid Box

MTOD's exposed neck or shoulder box comes with a taller tray in form of a neck that separates the lid and the base creating space for us to use graphical prints and contrasting hues suiting your taste and preferences. Apart from lending a visual appeal, it helps you unbox with utmost ease.

Top/Bottom Rigid Box

The top/bottom rigid box is a simple yet popular offering from MTOD’s rigid box stable. We can design the box with graphics in your required size, having a full or partial cover as per your specific need and purpose. We can also make thumb-cut notches on the lid so that the lid can be opened with utmost ease for a smooth unboxing experience.

Slant Cover Rigid Box

The slant cover rigid box from MTOD is a perfect choice if you are looking for cases to stock your DVD/CDs or promote your brand by displaying custom graphics. You can use it for archiving office documents or organize mailers, periodicals, and program materials for your company.

Why choose MTOD to buy Rigid Boxes online?

Trusted Quality

MTOD is the trusted one-stop shop addressing all your product packaging needs efficiently. Assured quality of international standards at every stage from conception to the delivery of the products is our forte.

Efficient Production, High-speed Service

With a fully integrated production and delivery system, MTOD has the potential to make high volume deliveries within short time frames.

Technical Expertise & Industry Experience

MTOD is skilled in providing packaging of international standards with unmatched versatility. A rich experience of serving various kinds of clients over time lends a professional edge to our services.

Partnership Experience

The supplies of MTOD are high in quality. The assurance of quality product packaging supplies helps in opening up recurring growth opportunities for small as well as big distributors.

FAQ Questions

What are the different types of rigid boxes?

Rigid Boxes come in various shapes and sizes. MTOD offers a wide range of rigid boxes such as rigid magnetic closure box, matchbox or drawer style rigid box, flushed or exposed neck rigid box, collapsible or magnetic rigid box, slant cover rigid box, and top or bottom rigid box. These are custom-made to suit the need of the occasion.

Where do we use rigid boxes mostly?

Generally, rigid box packaging serves the purpose of putting up display pieces in the retail store windows as well as for gifting and presentation purposes. The graphic and printed overlays of logos and patented designs of companies on custom rigid boxes also serve as a tool for brand promotion. Rigid storage boxes are known to offer enhanced protection to products during storage and transportation.

Are rigid boxes recyclable?

Yes, rigid boxes are recyclable and able for multi purpose usage after it’s original use.

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