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Looking for Quality Packaging Products Online?

MTOD – Your Reliable Packaging Partner

At MTOD, we aim at providing businesses with the best quality packaging products that meet their unique needs and requirements, guaranteeing the most affordable price. From product packaging boxes to carrier bags and more, you can find a wide array of products for your packaging needs all in one place.

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Range of Packaging Products for Every Business & Industry

Being one of the leading product packaging companies in Singapore, we providestock a wide variety of practical and reliable custom product packaging boxes to match your every need. We are your one-stop shop for all types of packaging supplies.Kindly note we do not carry existing stock as we only supply newly manufactured custom items according to customer’s requirements. This is to ensure that all items we deliver are of new quality standards.

Corrugated Boxes: A staple of the packaging industry, our corrugated shipping boxes are a go-to packaging solution to ship a variety of items such as electronics, food, consumer goods, etc. Pick your choice of shape, size, and type to deliver your products safely.

Food Boxes: Our affordable, high-quality food packaging boxes are the perfect receptacle to store and transport your baked good creations. Whether you are boxing up cakes, cookies, doughnuts or other delectable delights, we have got you covered!

Rigid Boxes: When looking to dress up your products for the occasion, choose our custom rigid boxes. Along with superior structural integrity for protection & durability during transport, they also provide an unmatched unboxing experience. Choose from different styles to add value for your customers.

Carrier Bags: Safely carry a wide range of products like luxury, fashion and decorative items in our diverse range of carrier bags especially developed for demanding transportation. We supply paper or plastic carriers in different materials, sizes, styles and colours.

Bio Foodware: Reduce your business's environmental impact by switching from single-use plastic containers to eco-friendly, biodegradable plates, clamshell boxes and foodware made from corn or sugarcane fibres.

Packaging Tips: How to Choose the Right Packaging for Products

Choosing the right type of packaging material for your products can be daunting given the number of choices. The choice of right packaging not only keeps your products safe during transportation but also reinforces the quality of your brand.

Look for budget-friendly packaging options as the price is an important factor to consider in any packaging endeavour. Your packaging design plays a key role in how your target audience perceives your brand. For instance, as a leading takeaway boxes supplier, MTOD offers a range of food-grade cardboard boxes with interesting design opportunities and reasonable crush protection to meet customer expectations.

An amazing design is hardly of any use if your products can't travel safely from your facility to the shelves, which highlights the importance of package functionality. Whether the product is delicate, bulky or has an unusual shape, it is always worth investing in protective packaging solutions.

The size of the packaging makes an impact on the end result. The right size ensures the safe transit of your products with less packaging waste.

Why Choose MTOD for Packaging Products Supplies?

Quality You Can Trust

MTOD is your one-stop destination for all kinds of product packaging needs. Alongside international quality standards, we ensure quality at every step from conceptualization to product delivery.

Technical Expertise & Industry Experience

MTOD provides a solid platform to deliver versatile packaging products utilizing their strong technical knowledge and broad experience of working with all kinds of clients & vendors.

Efficient Production, Express Service

We can deliver large production volumes in a quick turnaround time to meet diverse packaging needs while maintaining the integrity of our high production standards.

Partnership Experience

MTOD’s high-quality packaging product supplies unlock growth opportunities for our distributors, big or small, and provide them with recurring opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of packaging?

No doubt, the primary purpose of packaging is the protection of its contents from any kind of damage during transport, handling and storage. Product packaging also ensures convenience, promotion, utility of use and information transmission.

What are the different types of product packaging options?

You can choose from different types of packaging options, including corrugated boxes, rigid boxes, food boxes, carrier bags, and bio foodware depending on the exact needs and requirements of your next project.

How much does custom product packaging cost?

The total cost of custom product packaging is dependent on certain factors, such as packaging box material and finish, artwork design, structural design, printing costs, package manufacturing costs, and shipping costs. Custom packaging costs can start from three cents for a plastic bag to thirty cents for a collapsible carton to over thirty dollars per unit for premium-grade custom shipping boxes.

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