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Corrugated Boxes

At MTOD, you can choose from a wide range of corrugated boxes as per your need. We provide the best quality corrugated cardboard boxes to store and transmit almost every product at the most competitive rates.

Corrugated vs Cardboard — The Difference

While the two terms—corrugated and cardboard—are often used interchangeably, they are actually quite different from each other.

Corrugated board consists of three to five layers—a ruffled, fluted material sandwiched between the inner and outer cardboard layers. Corrugated boxes provide incredible strength and sustainability to withstand the wear and tear involved in displaying, packing, storing, and shipping processes.

Corrugated board boasts an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, which makes it much more rugged compared to cardboard at the same weight.

What is Corrugated Packaging?

Corrugated boxes are so common; it is easy to take them for granted. But these boxes can be a game-changer for your e-commerce or retail business.

Corrugated packaging provides a cost-effective packaging option that combines structural rigidity with cushioning qualities to protect heavy or fragile contents from damage. Corrugated is naturally the best choice when it comes to pack, protect and transport goods.

Thanks to the lightweight design, corrugated packaging also helps to keep shipping costs low and minimize freight and handling costs.

Not just they satisfy your packaging needs, responsibly managed corrugated packaging is good for the planet too. Recycled more than any other packaging material in the U.S., consumers feel good about the boxes being delivered to their doorsteps.


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Types of Corrugated Shipping Boxes: What Works for You?

Corrugated cardboard is made from a combination of flutes and at least one liner. Different types of corrugated boxes have fluting and liner boards in different layers to fulfil different shipping and packaging needs. Whether looking for standard pizza boxes, mailers, carton boxes, gable boxes, or wine boxes, all corrugated boxes are based on a combination of flutes and boards.


A corrugated board can be created with several different flute profiles. The most common include:

A-Flute: About 33 flutes per foot; Original flute design for corrugated board

B-Flute: About 47 flutes per foot; often for canned goods

C-Flute: About 39 flutes per foot; all-purpose flute for shipping cartons

D-Flute: About 90 flutes per foot; for displays, pizza boxes, ballot boxes, etc.

E-Flute: About 125 flutes per foot; for small folding retail boxes like fast food clamshell containers


Following are the most commonly used types of boards:

Single Face:

only two layers, one liner layer adhered to one sheet of corrugated fluting

Double Wall:

three liners and two layers of corrugated fluting; for industrial use

Single Wall:

two outer liners and a middle layer of corrugated fluting; most commonly used

Triple Wall:

three layers of fluting with four sheets of linerboard; strongest of all board styles

Why Use Corrugated Boxes?

Did you know? The global corrugated boxes market has reached a total value of $189.8 billion in 2020 and is expected to attain a revenue of $284.6 billion by 2030.

Corrugated boxes are everywhere and have become a go-to packaging material for brands and industries. Here’s why you too should use corrugated boxes in your business:

  • Provides protective packaging for long-distance transporting and shipping of all types of items

  • Extremely low-cost: low-cost raw material, low cost of labour for manufacturing, and low shipping costs

  • Availability in different shapes, designs and sizes to accommodate a variety of packaging needs

  • Widely customizable packaging choice with the ability to print bold & colourful graphics

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solution which can be recycled and reused

Buy Corrugated Shipping Boxes from MTOD

Best Quality Standards

MTOD is your best route to manage all your product packaging needs. We ensure international quality standards at every step from conceptualization to delivery.

Industry Knowledge & Experience

MTOD delivers versatile packaging products utilizing their strong technical expertise and broad experience in working with clients & vendors of all types.

Quick Turnaround

As one of the leading corrugated box manufacturers, we can assure large production volumes in less turnaround time to meet worldwide customer needs while sustaining the integrity of our high production ethics.

Growth Opportunities

MTOD’s corrugated boxes wholesale supplies unlock growth opportunities for our distributors, big or small, and provide them with recurring opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are corrugated boxes good for shipping?

Corrugated boxes work great for shipping goods as they provide stable cushioning and can survive sudden temperature changes, bad weather, or rough handling and transportation.

How many types of corrugated boxes are there?

There are primarily four different types of corrugated shipping boxes: single-face corrugated box, single-wall corrugated box, double-wall corrugated box and triple-wall corrugated box. Triple-wall corrugated boxes being the strongest.

What are standard carton and gable boxes?

Standard carton boxes offered at MTOD are shipping containers made of corrugated cardboard for packaged or bulk goods.

Gable boxes are sturdy, biodegradable corrugated storage boxes with a handle at the top for easy carrying, oftentimes used for food or party favours.

Can corrugated boxes be used as pizza boxes?

Rigid yet lightweight, our corrugated cardboard boxes with ribbed structures keep the insulation intact and prevents moisture build-up, thus keeping the pizza hot and fresh.

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